Financial Solutions

Pathwise Partners strives to help our clients identify and reach goals.  We do this by designing and implementing a customized "road map" to achieve those goals.  Each solution is unique to each client based upon what is important to them and their future. 

We specialize in the following areas:

Worksite Planning:

An engaging, thoughtful benefits strategy ensures that your employees understand the value of their benefits, how to use them in the most effective way, and their responsibility for engaging with their benefits to maximize good outcomes.

The Pathwise Team is comprised of professionals who are experts at designing and executing organizational benefit strategies that simplify benefit programs and convey their value. We provide comprehensive communication services, including benefit reviews, and the creation of compelling campaigns. We develop materials that capture your organization’s culture, employee population characteristics, and the message you want to convey. 

Medical Professionals:

We understand that your most important resource is time.  We help to organize your finances so that they are working as hard as you do.  True financial strategy isn't about just numbers and returns.  It's about creating a collaborative strategy based on goals and educated decisions that don't waste your time, but rather give you more time to enjoy life exactly how you envisioned.

Farm and Ranch Planning:

We use a team based approach in assisting Farmers and Ranchers.  With an Attorney, CPA and our expertise in Financial matters we can guide you down the path to achieving peace of mind.  Your hard work should never be put at risk.  We specialize in helping farmers and ranchers plan properly so that ranches and farms can stay comfortably with-in the family.